John Mendoza - awesome old-school magician !

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John Mendoza - awesome old-school magician !

Postby ScottyKarate » 5:15 am Sep 7, 2009

...If you've never heard of him , look him up ; he's got one of the best
cups and balls routines ever ! 8) ...And his effects are so clever , not to
mention he's pretty funny , constantly reminding his audiences that
"this is not a trick . It's not going to fool you !" , and then he totally
floors them all , performing feats that seem impossible , from cards
to coins to stacking dice ! I just got a three dvd set of his best tricks ,
aptly titled "My Best" ! It's got some of the most well-thought routines
I've ever watched , and the tutorial sections are clearly explained step
by step . So I not only reccomend the dvd set , I also strongly reccomend
you check John Mendoza out yourself ! If you appreciate classics like
the chop cup , triumph , McDonald's Aces , CTW , cups and balls , dice ,
sponge balls/rabbits and other standards of the industry , you'll surely
appreciate them a little more as performed by Mr. Mendoza !
:mrgreen: ...Be sure to tell him Scotty Karate sent ya ! :wink:

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